solid recovered fuel

What is SRF?

SRF (solid recovered fuel) is prepared to demanding UK and EU standards from non-hazardous wastes, to be used as an energy source.

Lancashire Waste Recycling operates a treatment facility where commercial & industrial and MSW residues are processed. All remaining recyclables are extracted and the remaining material is processed into a high quality SRF to CEN/TC 343 standards.

Lancashire Waste Recycling aims to help it's customers to meet their zero waste to landfill objectives by processing their residual waste into a fuel.

Producing SRF from non-recyclable material enables a sustainable alternative to landfill and provides the cement industry and other users a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels by reducing the carbon footprint of end users through reduced emissions at cement plants.

SRF is a high quality fuel with an energy content around two thirds that of coal and has a low moisture content. Not only can SRF replace fossil fuels in cement kilns but can also be used in power generation and Industrial Heat and Power (CHP).

Typical SRF specification
Parameters Limit
Particle size - Free of metals, glass and rubble Typically <40mm in any two dimensions and
<5mm in at least one direction
CV (Gross dry basis) >15MJ/kg
Moisture <20%
Sulphur <0.5%
Chlorine <0.9%
Flourine, Bromine <0.25%
Iodine <0.01%
Mercury <10mg/kg
Zinc <500mg/kg
Silver <20mg/kg
Cadmium <20mg/kg
Thallium <20mg/kg
Antimony <100mg/kg
Arsenic <50mg/kg
Chromium <100mg/kg
Cobalt <75mg/kg
Copper <200mg/kg
Lead <200mg/kg
Manganese <100mg/kg
Nickel <100mg/kg
Tin <50mg/kg
Vanadium <100mg/kg
Total Group III Metals <800mg/kg

Although Lancashire Waste Recycling primarily produce an SRF, a Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) can also be produced if required.

RDF is made from domestic waste which also includes biodegradable material in addition to plastics. It has a lower calorific value to SRF and can be used in Combined Heat and Power facilities to produce electricity.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team to discuss your requirements please contact us.